Our Rooms

Regency Room

Even with being the most modestly-sized of our three available rooms, the Regency Room features a sizable amount of flexibility and style. From beautifully adorned table settings, to spacious facilities for D.J.s, bands, catering and almost every thinkable accommodation.

This room supports a minimum of 75 guests.

Embassy Room

Our second most modestly sized room, the Embassy Room features spaciously high ceilings, beautifully adorned table settings and ample room for every imaginable accommodation. With beautiful walls and flooring, this room is a gem onto itself, but has the flexibility to fully re-create itself to match your style and needs. 

This room supports a minimum of 150 guests.

Ambassador Room

The Ambassador Room is the largest room of our facilities with the presence to prove it. It’s wonderfully-spacious floors and tall ceilings give the room an ambiance not soon forgotten. This rooms hosts ample space for any and all events with plenty of designated areas for every a variety of events.

This room supports a minimum of 175 guests.

Ambassador/Embassy Grand Ballroom

For larger events, our Ambassador and Embassy Rooms can flawlessly open and combine to accommodate. The Grand Ballroom has ample space for any and all events. It has designated areas for all accommodations and the flexibility to fully transform to suit your unique taste, style and needs.

This room supports 300 to 525 guests.

Special Promotion

Receive 30 minutes of "Chef's Choice" Hors'd'Oeuvres before your event if you book now. Available to new bookings only.

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